Auto-Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager | Lesson 5 – GTM for Beginners Google Tag Manager for Beginners course (all videos): In this lesson we are going to learn how to pick up Interactions with …

7 thoughts on “Auto-Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager | Lesson 5 – GTM for Beginners

  1. Hey Julian!
    Congrats on you hard super useful work.
    I'm struggling to design my Triggers since my website's theme seems to not assign the conventional IDs for links and forms, so everything appears as "unidentified" on the GTM Debug mode, therefore, I'm not able to allocate data for Triggers. Any suggestions at all? Is it a theme-related issue? Thanks in advance!

  2. Is it possible for a tag to have two triggers? For example, one trigger is an event click and the other trigger is a pageview (just the home page). So the tag only works when someone is on the home page AND they click on a specific link. When I try to add multiple triggers to a tag, the two triggers are separated by a small "or". I'd like to see an "and" :-)

  3. When taking that GTM event, turning it into a GA Goal and then importing the Goal in AdWords, will the Tag Status under Tools>Conversions in AdWords show as "Recording Conversions” for 24 hours after the conversion event, then change back to being a "Tag Inactive" status? Or will Google see the tag (even though it triggers on an event) and always say "Recording Conversions” if the tag is accurate?

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