Wild Women of the Wasatch Episode 2 – Chicks Who Rip

This gal has guts. She’s fearless, fast and doesn’t hesitate to hit big airs. Lisen is a Norgwegian shredder who learned to ski as a young girl and continued as a racer through high school. She’s a confident determined woman not afraid to follow her own path. Her love of

Portable Emergency Sled for Backcountry Skiing

One of the more unglamorous aspects of being a ski mountaineering guide is carrying all of the emergency gear which adds considerable weight to your pack which you hope you will never have to use. At the top of the list is an emergency sled, which is generally expensive dead

It’s snowing in Colorado!

Snow at inxspot in Keystone on November 11, 2015 – photo credit @KeystoneMtn No, we won’t tell you about every single time it snows in Colorado this season. But, it’s worth getting excited today for a few reasons: With a few resorts already open, locals can take advantage of the powder day