My 50th-birthday swimming challenge: week three

What is that banana-shaped box? “Excuse me, madam. Wait a minute. What is that banana-shaped box?” the lifeguard asked me sternly. “It’s a banana box,” I replied with a grin. “Does it have goggles inside it?” he asked. Me, baffled: “No, it has a banana inside it; it’s a banana

Fear of the Unkown

If I told you to just take a leap of faith and trust me – to just hurl yourself out of a plane at a mile above the earth, at speeds of up to

There you have it… a Hematoma & a Puppy

Yes I blog(rant) sometimes. But usually go for months without doing so, and in this case almost a year. On January 13th 2012 I congratulated Alta on it’s 75th birthday, and since then we have chalked up outstanding daily living & plenty of time outdoors. Just no documentation here. Let’s just

Svalbard 2016 – Spaces Available

Through some sort of lucky harmonic convergence, I’m going to be joining Todd Offenbacher as an Ice Axe Expeditions guide on two trips up to Svalbard this May. This is a very cool and unusual place, not to mention that it also has excellent skiing, sailing adventures and wildlife, including