No Friends on Rehab Days

Sure is lonely around here… I recently read this hilarious article written by Kevin Corrigan at Climbing Mag about how one of the worst parts about being injured is that you stop seeing all your climbing friends, which is sometimes the majority of your friend group. This really hit home for

Adidas Summer Apparel Spotlight

When most people think of Adidas, images of soccer cleats, running shoes or hip street kicks pop into their awareness. But, thanks to an excellent clothing and approach shoe offering, strong sponsorship of North American rock climbers, and the 2012 purchase of climbing shoe company 5.10, attitudes are slowly starting to

7 Reasons Why Pulley Injuries Suck

First thing I do if I think I’ve injured a finger is consult Dave MacLeod’s excellent book Make or Break. In an ironic twist after my last post about learning to crimp, here I am with a tweaked pulley. I’m not totally sure where it came from, there was no major

Some Day I’ll Crimp Like a Real Boy

Carl Bullock puts his training program to the test on Nirvana, 5.11+, Lover’s Leap, CA. “Oh, this hold IS bad. You never know with you!” For years, the sport climbing at Red Rocks stifled me. Some people like to go on and on about how soft the grades are there, but I

4 Gear Essentials for Spring

Even though we still have quite a bit of snow in the mountains, spring has finally arrived in Western Colorado. The warm, dry days are outnumbering the wet and cold days, there’s light in the sky late into the evening, and it’s time to climb! In that vein, we offer

Take a Holiday in Spain

The west side of Valley Crags, looking down from the village of Siurana. Pick up any climbing magazine, and chances are you’ll find an article or two about exotic crags in other countries, complete with pictures of flowing tufas, orange and blue cliffs, the stuff that dreams are made of. As

Salewa Firetail 3 Review

A big problem I have with many approach shoes is their lack of versatility. Sure, the majority are great for scrambling through rocky terrain, and some can climb reasonably well, but the simple fact remains that most approach shoes are being used mostly for, well, the approach! If that happens