Project Healing Waters: Adventurers Unite!

Project Healing Waters will be putting on their 1st annual “Smallmouth on the Roanoke” and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of it! One of our local jumpers asked for us to donate a tandem certificate for this cause, and we jumped at the opportunity. We will also

Helping Veterans one DZ at a time: Veteran Suicide Awareness

Jim Osterman  is traveling the country from dropzone to dropzone trying to help spread the awareness of the crisis hitting our country: Veteran Suicide. These men have sacrificed their all serving our country to come back and feel lost, alone and misunderstood to the point that they take their own lives.

Team Training at Skydive Orange

Are you a new and upcoming group and looking for a location to practice your skills and become the best team you can be? Or are you an experienced team looking for a location that has all the amenities you can think of? Well look no further, Skydive Orange is the place for

Weekday Savings at Skydive Orange, Virginia!

Take a day off during the week and save some money jumping at Virginia’s Premier Drop Zone; Skydive Orange! All mark-downs will be valid through the end of May 2016 Wednesdays: Double Student Discount! University students that present a photo ID on Wednesday’s ONLY will receive $30 off their first skydives.  Mention #DoubleStudent when booking. Celebrate

Skydive Orange Groupon? No Thanks.

You will NOT find a Skydive Orange Groupon: Here’s why. We believe in challenging the norm. We believe in putting smiles on faces, and changing lives. We offer you the door to the most unique experience in the world that will fundamentally change your outlook on life. We believe in rising

Slow start to the season…

Hey everyone!   No, I haven’t disappeared, and no skydive addiction isn’t dead… I simply haven’t had the time to go skydive yet =(. I’ve been working crazy hours at the office + have been taking scuba diving lessons during the week with Genevieve, so it’s been hectic. I’ll be at Voltige 2001 this

Meet The Oranges – Eric Heinsheimer! The Pilot

Eric Heinsheimer: The Pilot Eric is the guy flying us crazy skydivers up to altitude all day in either the Cessna Grand Caravan and Dehavilland Twin Otter; without him there would be no jumping! Not only is Eric an excellent pilot with 900+ Flight hours;  commercial / instrument single & multi engine land

Holiday Shopping on Long Island

With the holidays approaching, it’s likely you’re starting to tackle your gift-giving list, trying to find the perfect gifts for the people you love. In Calverton, we’re fortunate to be in an area that


So for any of you who have been around Quebec… Or actually eastern Canada for that matter, you’ve probably noticed the erratic weather that’s been going on.During the week it’s extremely sunny, come Friday, they’re announcing thunder showers and huge winds.It’s hurricane season in the Caribbean and we suffer the

Meet The Oranges! Skydive Orange Staff.

Larry Liebler Larry is Skydive Orange’s Dropzone Manager. He’s an AFF-I, S&TA, Videographer and a FAA Senior Rigger. Larry previously worked as the Icarus Canopies tour rep.Why did you start skydiving? To free my mind. What has skydiving taught you? Skydiving has taught me that nothing is more important than accepting the responsibility that comes from the freedom that