We're Not Done Yet!

And then there was one. . . Despite a current snowpack depth of ten feet, Sunday marked the final day of the season for Brighton. Setting a Utah season high with 641 inches of snow, and with the second-longest season in Utah, what a season it was! A memorable season calls for

2016-17 Season Wrap Up: Utah’s Snowiest Winter in Half a Decade

Written by Wasatch Snow Forecast:  On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, there was palpable concern in the Utah ski community. Our mountains were devoid of snow, with Alta having received only 4 inches of snow in October and early November. Several ski resorts had announced they would be pushing back their opening

Just the Tip Video Compulation

Towards the end of the 2017 winter, I started shooting a series of short videos on ski mountaineering skills.  Originally it was going to be entitled “Tips and Tricks” but during a powder session with Andy Jacobsen and Noah Howell, two of the original PowderWhores founders, it became “Just the

Parking Lot Parties: Your Checklist

Parking lot parties are akin to tailgate parties, but instead of going into a stadium to watch some football, you can run laps in spring corn and return to your vehicle pod squad whenever you have a need to fuel up or relax. To truly rock the parking lot party and

Flying Fitness!

Although ski season is wrapping up, there is no need to lose your fitness focus, or to stop actively working towards your healthy lifestyle goals! Before saying goodbye for the summer, I wanted to provide some "Flying Fitness" tips for you to take wherever you may travel next!  Many people get

Wild Women of the Wasatch | ep08 | Boarder Babes

Wild Women of the Wasatch all find happiness through outdoor sports in the Wasatch Mountains. I’m Amy David bringing you the next episode which highlights an even wilder breed of women storming the range. These babes on boards will drop your jaw with their rowdy riding while simultaneously lifting your

Svalbard/Arctic Circle Ski Cruise in May

Svalbard is to Europe as Alaska is to America – a land of snow, ice & rocks located off of the northwest corner of the continent. Also known as Spitsbergen, which roughly translates into “Land of Pointy Rocks” in Danish, it is an incredible place to ski and  ride.  At just