Swimmer died from broken neck after being hit by wave

A New York engineer who was pulled from the surf on Thursday died of a broken neck, apparently after being hit by a large wave, according to an autopsy. Drowning was a secondary cause of death, said Dr. Roger Mittleman, Treasure Coast medical examiner. Stanley Quinn, 58, of Ithaca, was at South

Thalassotherapy: Why Swimming In The Sea Is Good For You

If you live near the sea, make frequent trips to the beach, or are planning an island holiday this summer, chances are you’re getting more out of it than just enjoyment. It has long been thought sea frolicking has many health benefits. Historically, doctors would recommend their patients go to the

Be Present During Movement

You’d think one could get badly injured once and learn his lesson, but we are cultural creatures too, and it is deep in our cultural ethos

Workers threaten to sue Rio Olympics over late payments

Nearly 2 ½ months after the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, hundreds of workers still haven’t been paid and are planning to sue the local organizing committee to get their money. Among those late getting paid are about 100 freelance contractors who worked as stadium announcers, show producers and DJs, and several

Ranking the World’s Toughest Outdoor Sports

“Swimming is 20 percent physical endurance and 80 percent mental endurance,” says Elizabeth Fry, one of four swimmers ever to have completed the Double Triple Crown—twice swimming the English Channel, Catalina Channel, and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. In addition to the tremendous exposure these athletes face—and the mental and