Freak Accident At A Waterfall In Ghana Kills At Least 17

A tree crashed onto a group of people enjoying a swim at the base of a large waterfall in Ghana, and local authorities tell wire services that at least 17 people were killed in the freak accident. The revelers got caught in a rainstorm on Sunday, according to a statement from

Swimmers could be surrounded by 50 gallons of urine, study finds

Swimmers in an Olympic-sized pool could be surrounded by up to 50 gallons of urine, a new study has revealed. Scientists used an artificial sweetener found in urine to measure how much pee is in swimming pool water. They discovered the sweetener acesulfame potassium (ACE), is consistently present in urine, making it

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You express a wish for my recovery in your message. While the chances for recovery in a physical sense are pretty slim, and perhaps far off,